8 Famous Celebrities Who Died In Horrible Car Accidents


A vehicle is a dangerous thing. Even if we use many safety measures, it is not completely safe. That is why driving with much caution is necessary. But sometimes accidents take place. Even after a lot of precautions.

Indian celebrities have a very complicated lifestyle. They already have a lot to deal with. And when any mishap occurs in that kind of life, it becomes too depressing. But there are some of the famous celebrities who died in terrible car accidents. Read Below:

1. Sonika Chauhan.

Famous model and T.V. actress Sonika Chauhan died in a car accident on 29th April this year. The accident occurred behind Lake mall in Kolkata. She was in the car with her friend Vikram who was driving. The car lost control and hit the divider and the actress was pronounced dead on the spot.

2. Arjit Lavaniya.

The famous T.V. actor Arjit passed away in a horrible car accident which took place on Umbergaon Road at 11.45 am on Friday. It was quite shocking for everyone in the industry. He was in the car with his friend Gagan Kang who was driving.

3. Gagan Kang.

Gagan who almost settled himself in Indian entertainment industry, went away in a sway. He took with himself, his friend Arjit Lavaniya unknowingly. Sadly, both of them died on the spot. The accident was really very critical.

4. Bhupathi Bharath Raj.

South Indian industry actor and Ravi Teja’s younger brother Bhupathi died in a very terrible car accident 25th June last year. The car rammed a lorry from the side at high speed. The accident was so dangerous that the police had to make a lot of effort to retrieve the body.

5. Yasho Sagar.

This young actor was celebrating the success of his debut movie Uthsahanga Ullasanga. He along with his 2 friends met with an accident on 25th December 2012.

6. Rekha Sindhu.

She was a great Tamil and Kannada actress. She along with 3 other friends was driving on the Chennai Bangalore highway on 5th may 2017. All 4 in the car died on the spot.

7. Jaspal Bhatti.

He is one of the most famous Punjabi actors who scored a great audience even in the English jokes in the early century. He was going to Jalandhar from Bhatinda with his children. He received sever head wounds and the family was also quite harmed. He later died of the wounds.

8. Anand Abhyankar.

He was an exquisite actor in the Indian entertainment industry altogether. He along with his co actor was coming back from a shoot. The accident took place on Mumbai Pune highway and both the men died on the spot.



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