The Untold Story Behind Mithunda’s Disco Dancer Fame


If you are a total movie freak then you must be aware of the most loved actor of the 1980s and 1990s, who is also known for his amazing dance steps. Yes, we are talking about our very own Gourang Chakraborty, better known as Mithun Chakraborty.


Mithunda earned the name Disco Dancer from his superhit movie by the same name

Mithun Chakraborty ruled thousand of hearts for several years with his amazing dance moves. In addition to being an actor and dancer, Mithunda is also a producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a writer.


Everybody knows this much about Mithunda but no one knows his life story behind the disco dancer fame.

The actor made his Bollywood debut in 1976 with the movie Mrinal Sen’s  Mrigaya, for which he received the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actor. The film also received the award for Best Direction, but it was a complete failure at the box office.


Prior to the release of this film, the film’s director Rajeshwar Raj and producer Mrinal Sen had a small meeting with filmmaker R. R. Pathak, where they discussed that the film is a work-plan in the budget. Still, they took the responsibility for promoting the movie. A few days later, a special screening was done with the reporters at the Mumbai Blazay Theater.

After the film’s shooting was done, Mithundara confessed to RR Pathak that he was passing through a very bad situation. He even used to stay at the filmmaker’s house sometimes, and sometimes he had to spend the night at a railway station.


RR Pathak was very much impressed by Mithun’s acting talent and looks, and so he promised to help him. He soon introduced Mithun to B.N. Sharna who immediately signed him for his next film.

At the time of signing, he didn’t give Mithun any signing amount and instead gave him a bond of 5000 rupees. At that point in his life, Mithunda felt really helpless. He had to go several days without having any food. In the end, due to some reasons, B.N. Sharma was not able to continue the project.


After facing such hard times, Mithunda started to give his career one more chance. He used to visit RR Pathak on his sets. He soon got Mithun two movies with Shri Sound Studio.

One of the films worked well at the box office and during the shoot of another film, Mithun got the offer of 7 more films. His films worked quite well at the box office but he got the real identity from the film ‘Disco Dancer’ in 1982.


To this day, Mithunda has not forgotten Pathak Sahab, who made him a superstar

Today, the actor has a total net worth of Rs258 crore. He owns hundreds of luxury hotels in Oman, Masonagudi, and Tamil Nadu worth crores. Speaking of Mithunda’s Mansiganagri Bungalow, there is a facility of 16 AC bungalows, 14 Twins Scaffolding, 4 Standard Room, Multicuisine Restaurant and Children Playground, along with Horse Riding and Jeep to Jungle Ride.


Along with the 18 Well-Furnished AC cottages, 2 AC suites, along with swimming pools, tables, travel related services are provided by the hotel.



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