These 10 Celebrities Who Pushed Their Limits To Extremes To Achieve Perfection


From complete isolation in a suffocating, dark room to broken bones, from doing dangerous stunts without a body double to learning a new sport or gaining and losing weight in a short span of time, our Bollywood celebrities have done it all. They have pushed themselves to bring their roles to perfection.

Usually, an actor uses body doubles, and refrain from doing something crazy. They would not sign a movie which expects them to give more than what they could afford. There are many celebrities who have maintained their limits and does not like taking risks.

However, there is one another category of actors who love perfection and would go to any limits to achieve it. Actors nowadays love to take risks, to do the impossible, and to perform without thinking twice.

When we look at them sitting in the movie halls, we judge them, we criticize them, praise them, see all the glamor and money, but what actually happens is a lot of hard work from all the actors, from the team, crew and cast members etc etc. To get into the skin of the character, the actor goes some extra miles to make it more real and believable.

Here are 6 such actors who went to crazy extremes for their roles in movies.

1. Ranveer Singh


The first on our list is one of the top actors of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh. Ranveer is known for his fabulous acting, chirpy personality, and eccentric lifestyle. However, he is seen playing extremely different roles onscreen and that too with a flair. His upcoming movie Padmavati’s trailer has been released and he is looking absolutely stunning in his role as Alauddin Khalji. Ranveer has given this role his everything, he has worked a lot on his appearance, and acting to make the role more real. He isolated himself and stayed locked inside his apartment to get into the skin of Khilji. And it affected him so much that he had to consult a psychiatric to get to his normal self.


2. Kate Winslet

Movie-The Reader

Kate Winslet is a renowned actress not only in Hollywood but all around the world. She started her career with the blockbuster hit, Titanic. And after that, there’s no looking back. She went on to do many superhit movies further in her career. She is the youngest actress to have received nominations for six Academy Awards, Winslet’s most challenging role came up with the 2008 film, The Reader. This movie and her role had a great impact on her health. It took her a lot of time to move on, to part with her character onscreen and even escape a serious car accident.


3. Heath Ledger

Movie- The Dark Knight

The character of Joker played by Heath Ledger has been one of the most celebrated characters of all times. The iconic character of Joker was a real task for Heath. He had to work a lot harder to get into the shoes of the character and do justice to the role. He locked himself away in a London hotel room for a month, keeping a diary and experimenting with various voices and mannerisms until he came up with the final vision of the character.According to some claims, it was this role which became a reason for his unfortunate death.


4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Movie-The Revenant

The 2015 release, The Revenant starred Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. He started his career with superhit movie, Titanic but his actual test came with this movie. To do justice to his role, he used to sleep in animal carcasses, eat raw animal organs and also suffered severe bouts of hypothermia in real life.


5. Anushka Sharma

Movie- NH10

About her role, she said,”I was in depression when I did the scene of being molested in NH1. Being punched, kicked in the stomach and all that, I was just thinking how humans can be this way. We aren’t exposed to so much in life other than reading in newspaper. But to shoot such scenes are extremely traumatizing.”


6. Natalie Portman

Movie- Black Swan

Natalie Portman had to learn ballet for her movie but she did not have the ample time for it. She had to train for 8 hours a day for a month and went on to win an Oscar for her extraordinary performance.


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