Top 10 Most Searched Adult Film Stars On The Internet In 2017


The adult film industry is ever growing and gets a lot of viewership from all over the world. Whether we accept or refuse, it is a bare truth that we all have watched such films at some point in our lives.

Watching porn is a taboo in our society and I can daresay that people would preferably deny having watched something of that sort ever in their lives. Moreover, they would turn out to be the biggest hypocrites and accuse porn to be a destroyer of our society, when in reality they themselves enjoy watching it alone.

In spite of such criticism, today porn has become one of the most successful and million dollar businesses in the world. Actors working in these films get a lot of attention and they also become the most searched film stars on the Internet. Stars like Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa has become very popular among people.

Here are the most searched adult film stars on the Internet.

10. Miss Malkova

She is on our list of Number 10. Miss Malkova is extremely beautiful, athletic, and adaptable. Her sexy moves can turn many heads towards her. She has got 31 million views.


9. Alexis Texas

She is famous as Texas young lady. This crazy entertainer knows well how to make you feel wet. With her killer looks and amazing personality, she managed to bag a role in motion picture Bloodlust Zombies.


8. Brandi Love

She has got 33 million views on her adult videos.


7. Nicole Aniston

The racy Nicole Aniston has also got 33 million views on her videos and one of the most searched artists of the porn industry.


6. Sacha Grey

Sasha has been searched for about 36 million times on the Internet.


5. Asa Akira

She is on Number 5 with an astonishing 38 million this year.


4. Riley Reid

This young lady knows her moves well. She has been searched for about 43 million times on the Internet with a very eyeing number of views on her adult videos as well.


3. Mia Khalifa

The Lebanese model stands at the number of 49 million. She has also been chosen as the highest ranked adult star by Porn Hub.


2. Madison Ivy

She stands out on the list of the best female performers in this industry. she goes up with the figures of 53 million.


1. Lisa Ann

Lisa tops the list with the highest number of 58 million.


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