10 Big Boss Facts No One Knows


Big Boss is a very popular Indian show. It is also the best reality TV show worldwide. But the Indian version is slightly spicier. Let it be the fans or the contestants, entertainment bar was always met.

Over the period of seasons, the show also gained a huge fan following. There are many people who know a lot about the show now. But, there are still some facts that only a few people know in the whole world. Let’s see what those are. You will surely be shocked.

1. No wildcard entry ever won.

Even though there were many wildcard entries in all the seasons. No one of them ever won. They did indeed increase the fun in the show. But the skills were not good enough to make fans love them till the end.

2. Jade Goodey – The First International contestant.

Jade Goody became the first international contestant to be featured in the show back in 2008. But she left the show within few days as she had cancer. In 2009, she died of cancer.

3. The Big Boss house location is unknown.

The Big Boss house looks like it is well hidden. For over 10 seasons, the location was kept a secret from the public and the fans. It is situated securely in Lonavla. Only the crew, participants and the media people know about it.

4. No one cleans the house.

Even if you did see some contestants cleaning or mopping the floors, they never did any of the work in real. They just pretend to do so. The real cleaning was done by the staff.

5. Sleeping during the day.

The rule book says contestants cannot sleep in the daytime. But that is not followed by true heart either. Contestants did find spots where the cameras could not see and sleep there.

6. Gautam Gulati – The Youngest winner.

He is the youngest winner in Big Boss history. But there were younger contestants than him too. He was 27 years old when he won the show.

7. Explicit Romance.

The big boss show is a family show. But the contestants at times did go far from being family oriented. There were times when people engaged in explicit deeds. But it was cut for showing the episode on national TV.

8. Big Boss house is haunted.

It was claimed that the house is haunted. Many contestants reported a shadow figure of a woman staring at them at night. Whoo!!!

9. The highest paid performer in Big Boss.

It is none other than Pamela Anderson. She came into the house for 3 days. It is said that she charged INR 2.5 crores per day for the show.

10. Alcohol in the show.

Although, alcohol was prohibited in the show. But it was still supplied to the contestants at times. How? In the juice bottles. Such a great disguise and a cocktail too.


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