15 Famous Stars And Their Weird Habits That’ll Make You Go WTF


We all have some or the other weird habits, which we mostly try to hide from others. Not only me and you but even those whom we adore and talk about day and night has it.
Below are some of such celebrities who have some secret weird habits.

1. Amir Khan – Spits too much 

Amir has a bad habit of spitting every now and then. Ones while shooting he even accidentlaccidentallyMadhuri Dixit.


2. John Abraham – Shaking Legs

Majority of us has this habit of shaking legs.John has a habit of shaking legs, this habit of constantly shaking leg might be an irritation to many sitting beside us.


3. Brad Pitt – Using Baby Wipes 

We all have a friend in our group who is hygiene conscious. Here Brad is one of them, He uses baby wipes for hygienic lifestyle.


4. Sanjay Dutt- Eating Gutka

Many people around us have a habit of eating Gutka which is not only bad for your body but also a bad habit. Sanjay Dutt is a gutka addict.


5. Katy Perry – Farts a lot

Farts are natural but farting frequently might be a health issue, yet again a natural cause. Katty Perry is really bold enough to revile this fact in public.


6. Britney Spears – Biting Nails Until They Bleed

I have many friends who have a habit of biting Nails. But, biting nails until they bleed is not just weird but creepy. I wonder why would someone hurt oneself?
Britney Spears is the one with this habit of biting nails until they bleed.


7. Jeetendra – Eating Papaya In Toilet

Eating while pooping, Can you even think about it? This habit of Jeetendra is the boss of the grossest habit in the world.


8. Saif Ali Khan – Reading In Toilet

Reading in the toilet, this habit is rather, a time management technique of saif.


9. SRK – Keeping His Shoes On

How uncomfortable! recently SRK reviled a fact about never removing his shoes. I wonder how can he sleep with his shoes on?


10. Amitabh Bachchan – Wearing 2 Watches

wearing two watching in the era of technology. this legendary actor can rather use his smartphone if he wants to have a track with the time zones of foreign countries.


11. Jessica Simpson – Not Brushing Her Teeth Every Day

Skipping the idea of cleaning teeth. Jessica Simpson seems to be friends with germs.


12. Megan Fox – Not Flushing Toilets

Megan, You are not only spoiling your hygiene but other staying with you as well.


13. Jennifer Lawrence – Urinating In Sinks

Girl ! you got to see the user manual. Sinks are not for urinating.


14. Bradley Cooper – Not Wear Deodorant

Bradley reviled that he doesn’t wear deodorant. Yet, he is very popular among ladies.


15. Lady Gaga – Sleeping in Her Makeup

She can be called as a makeup freak as she not only wears it exclusively but also sleeps in it.



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