Few examples to prove, driving is a risky in INDIA


India is a standout amongst the most excellent and quiet nations on the planet. However, in the event that you advance out on streets and take a gander at the crumbling state of movement in India, you would most likely need to take your words back. India has a rich legacy and culture and individuals from various parts of the world visit India and experience passionate feelings for the decent variety, individuals, and culture. Be that as it may, one thing they regularly grumble about is terrible streets and appalling street feeling of individuals which makes driving a bad dream in India.

In this post, the team of Abbey Oye has incorporated a rundown of 7 GIFs which demonstrate why driving is a bad dream in India. From Elephants to pooches, Indian streets are brimming with novel explorers.

1) The gigantic heap of autos and transports on streets.

traffic jam in India


2) Pehle haathi jayega, bhaiya. And don’t you dare come in front of him.

elephant on road


3) One of the most reckless practices by Indians, High beam is very dangerous and also not allowed on the city roads. But, as they say, “yeh sadak apne baap ki hai.”

high beam


4) We witness such jams every day and still, our bosses expect us to be on time. We don’t need just cars but flying cars. 

slow moving traffic


5) As they say, ‘India ke road pe kab kaha se koi Mahapurush aajaye kisi ko nahi pata’. They just walk thinking the car/bus/truck/rickshaw will use their breaks in time and prevent a mishap. 



6) And this is on a very busy highway. Animals are left to save their own lives by their “owners”. Such careless attitude has taken lives of many animals and humans. 

7) And then we have people who are highly inspired by ‘Dhoom’!



Our thought is to investigate driving background in India. In any case, we additionally need to ask for you to drive safe and receive legitimate driving techniques. We should take after all the movement rules. We should improve India a place to live!



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