OMG: Such Painful Death Of This Actor From The Film “Sholay” Will Shock You


Many great actors came and went in Bollywood. We still hear about some artists, But there are some artists who worked very hard but they could not get the fame they were entitled to. One such artist was AK.Hangal.

Hangal was a freedom fighter, but due to fate, he got an opportunity to come to the movies. He played many memorable characters in films, for whom Hangal Sahib will always be remembered. In 40 years of career, AK Hangal worked in about 225 films.


AK Hangal and his contribution in the history of Hindi cinema is still recorded, But there was a time when the same industry left Hangal Sahib. When he became financially weak.


When he was 95, he used to live in a house with his son and his house is like a khandhar.

Hangal Saab was honored with Padma Bhushan, But he had to spend his entire life in a room with his younger son.

Once AK.Hangal had slipped into the bathroom of his house, due to which his thigh bone was broken and he suffered a lot in the back too. After a while, his lungs also stopped giving him support, and soon after this great actor died.



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