10 People Who Became Famous Due to Strange Reasons


We as a whole pine for the distinction that can move us to media spotlight and build up our name in the general public. While the majority of us are not ready to accomplish it, some are sufficiently fortunate to accomplish it and that too by a shot.

In this post, the group of Funniest Indian presents to you a rundown of 10 individuals who wound up plainly renowned because of unusual reasons. Their notoriety was unplanned yet by the by, they became famous online.

1-Ukrainian vocalist Natalie Dzenkiv


This lovely woman was kept at the Turkey air terminal as the authorities trusted she was looking ‘excessively youthful’ in the examination, making it impossible to the age specified in her travel permit. She’s 41 yet looks like 20.

2-Elle Johson


This hot US show was restricted by Instagram for being excessively provocative. With around 4,50,000 fans and supporters on Instagram, Elle had turned into an overnight #instasensation yet was later hindered by Instagram.

3-Mysterious woman in red(London Olympics)


Madhura K. Nagendra strangely showed up in ‘red and blue’ at the London Olympics, other than Sushil Kumar (hail carrier for the occasion). She was a piece of the move cast for the opening service yet shouldn’t stroll adjacent to Sushil Kumar.

4-Karl Power

Karl Power is a prankster from Droylsden, Manchester, known for seeming uninvited at donning occasions as an impostor.

He showed up in a photo with Manchester United, before their Champions League amusement against Bayern Munich, in 2001.

He even figured out how to achieve the platform at the 2002 British Grand Prix.

He strolled onto bat for England versus Australia in 2001 just to be perceived when he expelled his protective cap.

He even played a session of tennis at Wimbledon’s Center Court before Tim Henman’s match.


5-Bobak Ferdowsi

Bobak Ferdowsi’s unordinary mohawk style was seen on NASA TV’s live communicated of August 6, 2012 arriving of the Curiosity meanderer on Mars. His smart were likewise recognized by President Obama.


6-The achievement kid

Sammy Griner’s mom posted his photo on Flickr in 2007 when he was only 11 years of age. His photo went insane viral on the Internet and has been the subject of various images via web-based networking media.


7-Omar Borkan Al Gala

This Dubai based performing artist, picture taker and writer were tossed out of Riyadh’s yearly Janadriyah Festival by Saudi Arabain Police for being ‘absurdly great looking’.


Despite the fact that it was later uncovered that he was reserved for moving improperly at a wedding, he got the attention of individuals and got moment acclaim.


8-The Chinese tank man

This obscure dissident challenged the Chinese government by remaining before tanks as they endeavored to advance as a major aspect of the administration’s crackdown on the Tiananmen Square dissents on fifth June 1989.


9-Pakistan Chaiwala

Arshad Khan, a youthful hot ‘chai wala’ (tea merchant) from Pakistan turned into an overnight Internet sensation when his photo became a web sensation. He is by and by doing demonstrating assignments.


10-Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy first came to unmistakable quality in 2014 when his mugshot became a web sensation after he was captured in 2014 amid a pack clear called Operation Ceasefire in California. He is directly doing displaying assignments.



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