Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan Files Complaint Against Salman Khan For Threatening Him


Out of the 18 challengers in Big Boss this year, one is a pandit, the other asserted to be Haseena Parker’s brother in law. Yes, you got us right here we are discussing none other than Zubair Khan who got a significant earful from Salman Khan during the elimination round disposal for mishandling in the house.


On the off chance that Kangana-Hrithik case wasn’t sufficient, we have acquainted with Bigg Boss 11 competitors. Baffled that there isn’t even a solitary motion picture star, the producers reserved in the most shocking part of the house. A great deal has occurred in the previous one week on TV.


This effect was so much, that Zubair supposedly took a few pills and must be raced to the healing facility. on the Sunday scene, it was acknowledged that he was likewise the person who was disposed of by the crowd.


Yet, it resembles that yet it did not run down well with Zubair Khan, as he has recorded a police objection against Salman Khan for annoying and undermining him. The case is accounted for to have been exchanged to Lonavala Police and they will now investigate the issue as the Bigg Boss 11 house is arranged in Lonavala.


While conversing with a couple of TV writers in the wake of documenting the protest, Zubair asked Salman to meet him in Bandra, through it as a challenge.

By challenging Salaman is actually tried to blamed Salman for having black market associations and also accused while assuming that he might have made Being Human to change his picture after his hit and run case.

Truth! still remains a mystery. Stay with us to know further.


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