10 Insanely Hilarious Whatsapp Chats Which Revealed A Little Too Much! ROFL


Social media platforms leave no stone unturned to get their users even more interested than before, every time they use the app. They keep on adding so many new features to the already convenient ones and make our lives all the more interested.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has become the most preferred application to contact our closed ones, acquaintances, and colleagues. It is a boon to us. WhatsApp allows us to call and text our friends and family anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, as the most used app, it obviously stores a lot of data. Here we have curated a list of the hilarious conversations that ever happened on the app. These random chats are very interesting and will make you go ROFL!

These WhatsApp conversations are worth becoming a great memory. Have a look-

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1.Dost ki bandi par nazar maarta hain

2. When you don’t give a f$%k about what another person is saying

3.This girl doesn’t have a care in this world

4. This girl is aware of all the guy tricks

5. This one is probably one of the best chat on WhatsApp

6. I didn’t expect that he would mistake the two GMs

7. Boys have also started doing stuff like that

8. When you find out the way to please your teacher! Horny Sir

9. Again Akku Bhaiya caught flirting with his cousin

10. $ex education mili hoti to tumhe bhi ajati


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