If You Have Even 100 Rupees Notes, Then Read The News Or You Will Have To Repent.


In the last year, there was a lot of trouble in the banknotes, in which the Reserve Bank of India had discontinued notes of 500 and 1000 and now once again R.B.I has an eye on the side of the note. This time the note of Rs 100 can be closed, but it is being claimed that before canceling the old notes, the Reserve Bank will roll out the new note market and after that, the old notes will be removed from the ordinary way.

A new note of 200 rupees can be received in the month of August, RBI has given a lot of clues. In this blockade, the Reserve Bank has indicated that the notes before 2005 will be closed. It is believed that these steps are being taken to eliminate fake notes.

But this time the government is taking special care that there should be no shortage of notes in the market and people should not face any kind of problem. After discontinuance of 500 and 1000 old notes, new notes were brought in the market of 500 and 2000 rupees, due to which there was a shortage of notes in the market.

People had suffered huge trouble for many days. It is also a matter of knowing that before the government will bring 200 rupees note to the market, then after considering the closure of this 100 note will be considered.

It will be time to tell how much restriction will be put on this note-making fake notes, but in the market, the incoming 500 and 2000 rupees fake notes have brought the force on the forehead of the government.


According to an estimate, the heavy business of fake notes flourishes in huge amount every year. In this case, the government has taken quite a few steps but perhaps it still needs more effort.


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